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Can't find the hard drive or can't formatted the hard drive.
1. The HDD doesn’t install probably.
2. The power voltage inputs for HDD not enough.
3. The HDD been damage
4. The HDD is not compatible with DVR
 DVR been powered on and it restart repeatedly or been crash.
1. The power voltage input is not stable or too low.
2. The HDD had corrupted or the HDD cables damaged.
3. Restart repeatedly after multiple hard drives installed, removed all only left a hard disk boot normally OR it starts normally but restart itself when the video backup operated, those are likely are not enough power for the DVR.
4. Poor heat dissipation, too much dust in the machine, the environment is harsh for the DVR placed.
5. The main board hardware problem, must be returned to the company for maintenance.
The factory defaults for DVR Administrator login and password
Login name: Admin/ Password: 888888
How to setup the factory defaults for DVR
Press right click of mouse on DVR screen, choose the System->System Maintenance->Factory defaults-> restart the DVR
Video image problems, such as image color, brightness distortion
1. Choose the NTSC or PAL TV formatted in your local TV spec.
2. The transmission distance is too far or image transmission line attenuation is too large, the image fades or black and white, please add the video amplifier to prove signal.
3. The Distance image transmission mode more prone to color distortion, the main reason is the high band of the signal caused by the transmission line phase shift too large and cause
4. The DVR color, brightness and other settings are not correct, please reset the default setting then re-setup again.
When Can't record the audio
Please select the Video+audio record function in Channel setting
Recording/ USB backup error
1. Backup file data too large and over the CPU workload, need to stop recording first and backup in after.
2. Backup USB drive is damaged, replace the backup device.
3. Required to format the HDD, because the backup disk has variety data. The otherwise it will affect the recording and backup.
Can't remote live view and control the DVR
1. Check the IP setting, IP address, Subnet mask and Gateway IP address.
2. Check the DNS setting and make sure the DNS setting is same as the Router’s DNS setting.
3. Check the router’s port correctly.
4. Check the DDNS setting correctly.
Remote with CMS and IE browser can not hear the audio
1. Make sure the video Channel had setup the video+ audio recording.
2. Please un-tick the Mute box, which appear in top in the screen.