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Crownpo Technology Inc., was originally named Liz Electronics Corporation, founded in 1988 to specialize in producing hybrid IC and ceramic substrate chip resistors, resistor network and chip resistor array. Crownpo is closely associated with the Kinpo Group, a large Taiwanese electronics manufacturer.

An original chip diode process has been developed in 1998 and process patent was obtained in the following year. Mass production of chip switching diode began in June 2002, followed by Chip Schottky diodes and Chip Zener Diodes. We have provided the industry with a truly compact and lightweight small signal product, solving the thickness issue of chip diode.
Switching Diode
Pat.No Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage VRRM (V) Max Average Rectified Current Io (A) Peak Forward Surge Current IFSM (A) Forward Voltage Drop VF (V) Max Reverse Current IR (uA) Power Rating (W) Reverse Recovery Time (nSec) Capacitance Ctot (pF) Package outline

CD 4148WP
100 150 0 1 5 500 4 4 1206

CD 4148WTP
100 150 0 1 5 0 4 4 0603

CD 4148WSP
100 150 0 1 5 200 4 4 0805